What Is Vaping And Everything You Need To Know About Vaping

It is quite alarming to know that more and more people are smoking. And the worst part is the age of the people who smoke get younger and younger. Thus, lots of manufacturers want to stop this unhealthy habit. They have now produced and sold electronic cigarettes which are said to be the answer for people who want to stop smoking.

But before you know if it is a perfect solution, let’s talk about first the things that we should know about vaping.

What Is Vaping?

Most people believe that e-cigarettes and smoking are the same. The truth is it is not. This tool is used by adult smokers who wished to enjoy nicotine at a minimal risk. It contains vegetable glycerin or propylene glycerin e-liquid which is mixed with nicotine and flavorings. This liquid is vaporized in the atomizer which mimics the smoking experience. In other words, it just gives the pleasuring experience of cigarette smoking but not its effects.